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Running your zoo more profitably - Hints and Tips


1.Earn money from your incoming telephone calls

Does your zoo receive incoming telephone calls. If you do you can earn a 1p a minute on your incoming calls. Your callers are charged at the BT national rate through a free 0870 number.This is a simple way of earning a bit of extra cash which is free to you and only callers in your local area will pay more. Please note this is not a premium rate phone number.

For free details e-mail with the request send more details 0870.


2. Make sure you are paying as little as possible on your utility bills

Zoo's as we all appreciate are expensive to run. Make sure you are not overpaying for all your utility services such as gas, electric, telephone and water. Most personal customers let alone businesses can save a substantial some of money on there bills. So why dont most people look for a cheaper deal? Inertia. However utility brokers can find you the best deals and at the same time deal with all the contracts and hassle.

For free details e-mail with the request send more details utility bills.




Last Updated 04/02/2001