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There are thousands of books and video's on the subject of natural history by authors such as Gerald Durrell, David Attenborough and David Bellamy. If you want to buy any of these books you will probably be able to find them cheaply through the internet. Amazon is probably the biggest online bookstore and it offers a cheap and efficient service. You can look for or buy any book or video by using the Amazon search box below.





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David Attenborough

The Life of Birds

320 Pages (1st September 1998) Hardback The Book of the acclaimed TV series
There are more than 9000 species of birds, spanning the globe from Arctic to Antarctic, from deserts to jungles, and from mountain tops to sea shores. In this book David Attenborough presents the results of recent research into aspects of bird behaviour, such as their remarkable strategies for finding food, their complex social systems, and their ingenious and often bizarre ways of mating and breeding  
The Living Planet     Hardback  


Gerald Durrell

Title Author Pages Hardback/Paperback Details
Gerald Durrell Biography Douglas Botting 416 (march 2000) Paperback  

This is an account of Gerald Durrell, who was a world-famous naturalist and popular author who wrote some 37 yarns, including the bestselling "My Family and Other Animals". His other books include "Birds, Beasts and Relatives", "The Bafut Beagles" and "A Zoo in My Luggage". Above all, he paved the way in print for the popular presentation of the natural world on television and presented 12 series himself - the early ones - of his own expeditions. Sir David Attenborough has said: "He was responsible for changing people's attitudes to zoology and changing their agenda. He showed them small animals could be as interesting as apes and elephants... He was a pioneer."


Title Author Pages Hardback/Paperback Details
The Best of Gerald Durrell Gerald Durrell 288 (16th February 1998) Paperback A collection of Geralds's writings as chosen by his wife Lee
Catch me a Colobus Gerald Durrell 4th November 1996 Paperback Anecdotes of his journeys to collect animal species and primarily the colobus monkey
Encounters with Animals Gerald Durrell 192 pages (june 1969) Paperback Entertaining accounts of the courtships, wars and characters of animals encountered in West Africa, South America, and elsewhere.
The Whispering Land


Gerald Durrell 224 pages Paperback  
A Zoo in my Luggage


Gerald Durrell 192 pages (25th June, 1970) Paperback  
The Overloaded Ark Gerald Durrell 238 pages (1968) Paperback Relates the author's experiences and adventures during a 6-month expedition in West Africa to collect specimens for his zoo.



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